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Marine : Recycling Resources

Marine Plastics Recyclin

Boat Shrink Wrap Collection & Management

At Switch Energy Corp., we know what exceptional customer service means. Since 2011, we’ve been recognized as a leading recycling center in the industry — offering recycling services to meet the needs of individual marina's. As part of our mission to simplify the recycling process, we provide you with all the resources you need to ensure a smooth process. Contact us today and we'll help you achieve a cleaner, greener, Marina.


a bit about the program....

Recycling bags are custom-made strictly for the Recycling program. The tinted blue bags hold approximately 800 sq.ft of boat wrap.

The bags feature a large-mouth opening which allows you to easily stuff shrink wrap into the bag.

The bags are tinted blue from recycled boat wrap!

These bags are for recycling boat shrink-wrap only!

Please NO junk items, ie. strapping, vent caps, zippers, pop cans, wood, tools, cell phones, rubber gloves, masks

***These bags are for the Recycling program which is only available in Ontario from Switch Energy Corp***

Marine : Materials Accepted


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        Schedule a Pick Up

Are you bags full & ready to be RECYCLED? Text 519-588-6303 or email to schedule your pickup

Marine : Our Services

Contact Us

Start Recycling Boat Shrink Wrap

1. Text 519-588-6303 or email

2. Provide your name, phone number and marina address.

3. We'll provide recycling bags, pricing and pickup schedule. 

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